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Bioluminescent Theme – Day 4!

Have you ever wanted to see what amazing creatures are lurking on the deep sea floor? Us too, but just imagine how dark it is down there! We’ve solved this problem in Fish World with our Bioluminescent theme, which is already in full swing on its fourth day of releases! Get transfixed by all the latest items in this theme, and enjoy the many fish and decorations available for coins as well.

New Gifts and More!

First, we have 10 all new never before seen gifts for you to collect and send your friends and neighbors! Find these awesome items in the “FREE GIFTS” tab in the top left-hand corner of your game. Secondly, be sure to check out another awesome NEW DAY of Easter content. We have an amazing Easter Dragon pack available as well as a BRAND NEW Bunny Elfie pack. We also have added lots of awesome new Easter coin content for you today too. Happy collecting!

Fish World Eggstravaganza Contest!

5 lucky contestants have been chosen! Be sure to head on over to our Facebook page, and select the “Fish World Eggstravaganza Contest!” Album to view the contest entries. After this is done, “LIKE” the entry you think is the best out of all 5. Please only “Like” one entry, however, we totally understand if you cannot help but like them all, they are all very well done! Congratulations to all who participated, all of the entries were amazing! Keep on the look out for our next awesome contest, coming soon to a tank near you!

Easter is coming!

Easter is just around the corner! Come into Fish World TODAY and celebrate with a brand new week full of awesome never before seen Easter content! What is in store for you this week? Come back each day to check out all of the awesome new content available for you to collect! Happy collecting!

Brand New Limited Set!

Today marks the first day of a simply stunning LIMITED SET! Be sure to collect all 9 of these amazing Paddletail Guppies this week. These little cuties are a must have! We also have some amazing NEW EASTER content in Fish World. Be sure to stop by and let your creative side run wild! Happy collecting!

A Mysterious Egg Appears in Your Tank…

Oh no, but it’s in pieces! Don’t worry, with the help of your friends you can put the pieces back together and it will hatch into an amazing creature! Don’t you just love surprises? What could it be? Check out today’s new Rescue Crate in the top left corner of your tanks in Fish World to find out. Get crackin’!

St. Patrick’s Day Theme

All this week we have lots of amazing St. Patrick’s Day themed content for you to select from. Don’t forget to pick up your free gift each day from our amazing Lucky Loot Giveaway! We also have a brand new rescue crate for you today for a limited time only! With a little help from your friends be sure to UNLOCK the brand new festive PADDLING LEPRECHAUN OTTER! This little critter is a must-have for any tank, it super cute too!

Content Update!

Today is the day for the BRAND NEW LIMITED SET! We have 9 ALL NEW Arowana fish to collect, lots for coins too. We also have a BRAND NEW addition to our wonderful slots! For a limited time we have 3 BRAND NEW amazing Starpower Cutie Ponies available in slots first, totally for FREE! They are super adorable and most of all super collectible. Furthermore, We have a BRAND NEW Mystery Bingo creature now available to be won. Win yours today before it is gone! Another notable update today is our BRAND NEW Butterfly wing Pixies. These little cuties are another must-have for any tank! Happy collecting Fish World enthusiasts!

It’s Friday, time to get social with a Rescue Crate!!

WE HAVE A BRAND NEW RESCUE CRATE IN FISH WORLD! The Cute Tropical Betta is the perfect addition to your beach and shipwreck-themed tanks, and you can have it for FREE! So make sure you get a little social in Fish World this weekend, and ask your friends to throw you some lifejackets! Make sure you send them some back too; wouldn’t want to leave your friends stranded! But hurry, it’s only available for a limited time. If you don’t rescue the Cute Tropical Betta soon, this opportunity will drift away forever!

Who says being lost at sea can’t be fun?

You wake up parched beneath a hot sun, you hear the pit-pattering of a creature scuttling through the sand as you begin to visualize the scene around you. You observe your first aid supplies and crates floating far out into the sea away from you, but luckily…. You’re only playing Fish World, checking out our awesome new Shipwrecked Theme from the comfort of your home! But don’t be afraid to use your imagination to create an untouched oasis of your own inside your tanks today. We have vines, moss, palm trees, sand, and plenty more for you to decorate with, as well as some amazing creatures and characters! You can get scruffy with the Cute Shipwrecked Axolotl for coins, or add some nature to your tank with a Special Edition Cockatoo! Collect all five adorable Island Seaponies, and invite them to an island luau, complete with some Hula Girl Jelly Rolls! Don’t worry about your party guests being unfed or unkempt, because the Hula Girl Spirit Pack will give you a chance to get a premium, a cleaner, or a sparkle feeder! Check out the Shipwrecked Theme in-game today, and you might find yourself enjoying the stranded life.